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In spite of the fact that a chainsaw or an ax may seem like a good option to take down a tree in your North Druid Hills GA yard, it’s usually not as safe or as cost-effective in terms of time and/or money as you might think. The problem is that an inexperienced and untrained tree removal professional can damage your property and injure you. Plus, if the proper equipment for removing limbs, trunks, and stumps, is not used it could end up being very expensive! Northside Tree Professionals’ Certified Arborists can safely remove your tree rather than you assuming such a risk.

In the beginning of the process, the climber will examine the tree’s weight distribution and any rotting locations that could result in the tree breaking in an unexpected place. A climber will be able to determine what kind of notch to put into the tree based on this information. Once the tree section is cut, it will be roped off and lowered down in the event that it can’t be dropped directly to the ground. A notch and back cut is a series of cuttings made on the tree by Northside Tree Professionals to direct a falling tree. Therefore, the tree can be brought down safely.

It is common for tree service companies to have to remove trees that are located in restricted areas near structures, etc. Our most hazardous activity is removing trees. It is critical to have substantial proficiency in tree removal in order to achieve success. It is never a good idea to trust untrained individuals with climbing or cutting down trees on your property. We are your Metro Atlanta tree service and Atlanta tree removal specialist.

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Tree Removal Services North Druid Hills GA / Tree Cutters North Druid Hills

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