Tree Trimming Doraville GA

Let Our Seasoned Multi-Year Climbers Trim The Trees At Your Doraville Home

Something that most people are unaware of is the importance of having your trees pruned when they’re young. If you plant a tree on your Doraville GA property in an area that has full sun, certain species are more prone to grow more than one stem, making the stems more likely to fail.

Using the method of structural pruning when trees are young and fast growing is necessary for giving your trees a sound structure for future growth. With the exception of when multiple stems are specifically desired, this type of pruning will concentrate on keeping a single dominant stem. Our Northside Tree Professionals arborists will make sure to prune limbs so that their size stays proportional to the stem diameter at their point of attachment. Some limbs will be removed as the trees grow so that there’s enough spacing between branches. We are your professional tree trimmers in Doraville GA.

Pruning is the most basic type of tree care. Pruning is not only desirable for aesthetic reasons, but in many cases crucial to maintain safety, and to keep the tree healthy and structurally sound. We are also careful to make sure that the pruning is done correctly. The way a tree will grow is a response to how it was pruned. If pruning is performed incorrectly, it can negatively affect the tree’s growth.

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