14 Jan
3 Signs Your Tree Needs Immediate Attention

Most trees are very hardy and don’t need much if any attention. However, there are some very severe issues that you should be on the lookout for that could kill or severely cripple any tree.

  1. Certain Types of Fungus Growth
    There are many types of fungus that can grow on and in trees. Some of which are not harmful to the tree but one type you should be on the lookout for is called tree bracket fungus. It’s also known as shelf fungus due to it’s characteristic trait of looking like a shelf growing out of the tree. It can come in many different colors, from white to brown. If you notice this growing out from your tree, you should contact a tree professional right away. The indication of this fungus growth means the tree’s heartwood could be diseased, which means the tree may suddenly fall.

    You may also notice this fungus growing on fallen trees and logs. And one such growth holds the recorded as one of the largest fungal growths.

    Another common fungus is called “Chicken of the woods.” This fungus in its early stages is a bright yellow orangish knobble growth on the trunk of trees. It mainly affects oak, yew, cherry and sweet chestnut anywhere from the base of the trunk up to about 15ft.

  2. Soil Mounding or Sudden Lean
    If you spot a tree suddenly leaning or a mound of soil coming up where there was not one around the base of a tree, this is an alarming warning sign. It could indicate that there is something very wrong with the tree and it may fall. A sudden lean is a good indicator the tree is dying. As the tree begins to lead a soil mound may show up, which may be your only visual indication of the tree leaning at first. Unfortunately, this can lead to needing tree removal services.
  3. Sudden Branch Fall
    It’s very common for branches to fall from heavy snow or nasty wind storms. Although, if branches are falling off without being related to a storm that can be a sign the tree is diseased and/or dying. If the branches are brittle, that is also a warning sign that something could be wrong. In either case, you should have a tree professional analyze your tree.
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