Frass - Bark Beetles
24 Jun
Are My Trees Infested With Pine Bark Beetles?

As the beetles attack the tree, the attacking beetles, the tree oozes out resin that will dry into white or reddish popcorn-sized globs visible on the tree’s trunk. These are a good indicator of beetle infestation. This “ooze” looks like small, yellow gummy-shaped sap formations, called pitch tubes.

Fine, powdery red-brown dust around holes on tree bark.

Foliage that changes to a dull green, then yellow and finally a reddish-brown.

  • The pitch is accompanied by a sawdust-like substance, called frass, created by bark beetles and their larvae as they borethrough the bark.
  • Frass generally falls to the ground, resembling very fine, saw-dust-like granules at the base of the tree.
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