11 Nov
Top Hardy Trees by Zone – Minimum Winter Temperature Zones

Deciding what Trees to Plant in USDA Zone 7

The United States Department of Agriculture published a map in 1960 that designated eleven “minimum winter temperature” zones. With this map, people can determine what sort of plants, and particularly trees, will grow well on their property .

What Zone is Metro Atlanta?

For North GA, it was originally zoned USDA Hardiness Zone 7.  30 years later, the map was updated and zones were split with everything above Cobb County being zoned 7a. And everything south of Cobb County all the way down to Macon GA was zoned 7b.

The American Horticultural Society and USDA Team Up To Rework Zone MAP

About 10 years later, in the early 2000’s, the American Horticultural Society  and United States Department of Agriculture revised the map once again and this time much of Georgia fell into Zone 8 with north Georgia mountains remaining in Zone 7.

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The Safest Choice For Your Trees

While this revising of the hardiness zones can be confusing, the best and probably safest choice for your new tress is to refer to the USDA map from the 1960’s and choose trees labeled for Zone 7 and warmer.

What Sort Of Trees Should You Plant In Zone 7? 

View some ideas of trees known to do well in the Zone 7 : See ArborDay.org

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