23 Mar
Tree Removal Service in Alpharetta Asks, “Are You Spring Storm-Ready?”
Prepping Your Home for a Spring Storm: Tips from a Tree Removal Service in Alpharetta

Here in Georgia, many people prepare for the spring storm season by keeping an ear out for tornado sirens with anticipation to head down to the basement or an interior room. However, the truth is there are some steps you can take ahead of time to better prepare your home for the local stormy weather. Here are few insights from Northside Tree Professionals, your tree removal service in Alpharetta experts on how you can get your home ready for this spring’s storm season.

Tree Removal Service in Alpharetta Tips to Get Your Home Storm-Ready

When it comes to getting your home ready for the spring season storms, there are several tasks that can be performed early on while the weather is good to cut down on potential damages to your home. Unfortunately many homeowners do not think of these items before the stormy weather is about to hit.

1. Clear Your Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean during the rainy season is important for your home’s structure. Gutters prevent water from collecting on and around your home, which can damage the lower areas of your house.

Also, make sure to note if you have trees or branches hanging too close to the home’s rooftop. These can make clogged gutters a continuous issue and lead to roof damages. If they are an issue you may wish to address tree removal before the height of storm season hits.

2. Prepare For The Wind Ahead

Loose items outside of your home are at risk in heavy storms. As a homeowner, you should bring in all unsecured items such as lawn furniture when a storm is approaching. However, don’t forget to periodically check your home for other potential problems that could take flight. Items such as loose shutters, window screens, and even your mailbox, should be checked for stability during a storm.

3. Install Surge Protection or Unplug Electronics

Storms increase the risk of power outages and surges as power lines can fall down. Lightning causes residential power to experience brief spikes that can cause a sudden increase in excessive heat to a device or appliance. Burning the connections can cause electronics to fail permanently. Without proper surge protection precautions, your devices and appliances are exposed to a high risk of failure due to a power surge. If you do not have surge protection installed, consider unplugging electronics and appliances to eliminate this risk. Neglecting to do this could be costly.

*Don’t forget, if a tree in your yard receives a lightning strike it is important to have it looked at by a tree professional. Once lightning strikes a tree it can greatly compromise it’s stability leaving it susceptible to disease, or even eventually killing it.

4. Have Your Trees Inspected!

When it comes to storm damage, nothing can cause more damage, even in the slightest of storms, as dead and diseased trees. In the Alpharetta area we see it every year as hundreds of trees come down during the spring storms due to the combination of poor condition and wind. The damages can be in the thousands and even more alarming, if it is a dead tree on your property that falls on your or a neighbor’s home, your insurance probably will not cover it. That is why it is imperative that your trees should be checked by an arborist  on a yearly basis.

An arborist can address:

  • Pruning and Trimming Needs –Any pruning needs for tree branches that hang too close to the home or to make your trees healthier and more stable to withstand storms.
  •  Tree Removal – If trees are diseased or dead, a qualified tree services company such as Northside Tree Professionals can provide tree removal. This service can not only address trees in poor health, but also trees that are in locations of concern for damages to homes or roadways.
Sometimes Even Preparing For A Storm Isn’t Enough

While preparing a head of time for the spring storm season with home maintenance and proper tree care is always a good idea, storms can still hit hard and unexpectedly. If your home or commercial property is damaged by a storm, time is of the essence to address any tree removal before further damage can occur. By planning ahead of time and choosing a trusted, experienced and licensed tree company such as Northside Tree Professionals you can be assured that when emergency tree services are needed, you are covered.

Northside Tree Professionals, The Top Tree Removal Service in Alpharetta and Metro Atlanta

Northside Tree Professionals is the most trusted tree removal service in Alpharetta. As experienced professionals and certified members of industry-related associations, Northside Tree Professionals is the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable team of tree specialists in the area. Contact us today at 770-394-0905.

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