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If your Smyrna GA property accommodates it, the most straight forward way for removing a tree is to drop the whole thing over at one time. Our tree cutter has to decide if there is space on the ground to safely bring the whole tree over. Most often than not, in urban and suburban properties, there is not adequate space in the yard to bring the tree down in once piece. In those cases, it must be cut and removed in sections.

As the process begins, the cutter will be looking at the weight distribution of the tree as well as any rotting areas that could cause the tree to break in an unexpected spot. This info will help the cutter to know what kind and where to put the notch into the tree. If the tree, or a part of it, can’t be dropped directly to ground, then it will be roped off and lowered to the ground after the cut is made. Our tree cutters at Northside Tree Professionals are able to direct the falling tree by making a series of cuts on the tree (the notch and back cut).  In this way, the tree is brought to the ground in the safest manner possible.

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Tree Removal Services Smyrna GA / Tree Cutters Smyrna GA

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