Tree Trimming in Sandy Springs GA

Let Our Seasoned Multi-Year Climbers Trim The Trees At Your Sandy Spring Home

Tree Prunning and TrimmingMany people will go out to prune their own trees but do not have the right training or skills to do so. Northside Tree Professionals have ISA certified arborists on staff who have completed many hours of practical experience education and extended education. A certified arborist is trained in tree assessment, climbing, cutting, and pruning, as well as climbing and operating equipment safely. We highly recommended that you hire a professional tree arborist for your tree trimming and pruning needs.

Arborists should have a basic understanding of tree anatomy and how a tree heals as well. These parts include the roots, trunk, branches and leaves as well as the bark, fruit and flowers. Roots keep the tree anchored in the soil. The roots also take in nutrients and and water from the ground. The trunk is the main support and the stability for the overhead foliage and the channel for water and nutrients to be distributed throughout the rest of the tree. The leaves furnish sustenance to the tree through photosynthesis and puts off the oxygen. The limbs branches reach skyward to aid the leaves in reaching the light source needed for photosynthesis. The bark conserves water and protects the tree’s system. The flowers and fruit allow the tree to reproduce. By understanding these things, our arborist can then access the health of your tree by doing an analysis of these tree parts.

It is important to have an understanding of each part of a tree and the effect on them when one of these pieces is injured or cut out in the trimming process. Trees react to wounds in a couple of manners, they either isolate the injured tissue with new growth or they set physical and chemical limitation around the injury. When limbs are removed resulting in wounds or when healthy leaves are removed, this put stress on a tree. This is another reason of why it is important to hire an ISA certified arborist like Northside Tree Professionals to prune or trim your trees around your Sandy Springs GA home in order to minimize the stress factor on your trees. We are your professional tree cutters in Sandy Springs GA.

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