Why Figs Trees are Hardy and Easy to Maintain in Atlanta
23 Mar
Why Figs Trees are Hardy and Easy to Maintain in Atlanta

Growing figs trees for their shade and/or fruit is exceptionally easy here in Metro Atlanta because fig trees are not generally affected by few insects and diseases.  There are numerous varieties of figs, but the ones that grow the best in the Atlanta area are Celeste, Hardy Chicago, and Conadria Country. The delicious fruit from a fig tree can be eaten fresh or preserved. It can also be used in desserts such as ice cream and cakes. Figs tree need very little pruning, just basic up keep such removing any dead wood and making sure the crown has air and sunlight. Like many other fruit trees, pruning should be accomplished by trained professional and following the coldest temperatures but ahead of the new growth in the in the springtime. Call us today at (770) 394-0905 to have us prune your fig trees.

New Fig Tree Location and Soil Needs

Your fig tree(s) should be planted in an area with full sun and that is well drained. During the growing season, the tree needs to receive at least eight hours a day of sunlight. A healthy tree can grow between 15 and 30 feet tall and can provide shade as well as fruit for the home owner. Figs will do well in a variety of soil types, but they need to be in area that is free from root-knot nematodes.  Root-knot nematodes are plant-parasitic nematodes. Your local cooperative extension office should be able to provide you information about testing your soil for root-knot nematodes.

Planting a New Fig Tree

You should make sure you have tested the soil before planting for pH levels and make adjustments as needed. Figs tree do best in slightly acidic soil (pH 5.5-6.5), but can tolerate soils with moderate alkaline levels. Your fig tree should be planted while it is dormant. It is recommended that fig trees be planted in the Spring aftertime freezing weather has passed.

For Info on Training Pruning and Other Items Regarding Your Fig Tree, See:

With fig trees reaching heights of up to 30 feet, contact Northside Professionals to prune your fig trees as needed. We are your Metro Atlanta Tree Removal and Metro Atlanta Tree Service Specialist

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