Crane Tree Services in Milton GA

Utilizing a Crane for Hard To Reach or Fallen Trees in Milton GA

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By the use of a crane, we can reduce the difficulty of removing either an usually large tree or one that is situated near a structure or other trees.  When the traditional tree removal method proves risky to the surrounding property, the use of a crane is the best option.  The large limbs toward the crown are removed first and lowered to the ground via the crane.  Then the rest of the trunk is also cut and safely lowered to the ground by the crane.

The setup and break down of the crane can happen rather quickly.  Once the crane is in place, the climber goes up the tree to attach the strapping from the end of the crane and secures it around the section of the tree to be lifted.  After the strapping is safely in place, the climber cuts that part of the tree and the crane lifts that section and brings it around to the ground to be cut by the other crew members. This process happens a few more times and then the whole tree has been removed.

Just as with the traditional methods of tree removal, once the pieces of the tree are on the ground, the limbs are ground up with the chipper and the larger trunk sections are arranged near the street so they can be hauled away by Northside Tree Professionals. If you have a tree on your Milton GA property that you think could use the quick and safe method of a crane removal, give us a call at (770) 394-0905. After the limbs and stump is ground up, the logs are loaded and taken away, and the leaf blower is used for final clean up, it will be as if we had never been there!

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