We Offer The Highest Level of Stump Grinding Services In Doraville GA

Northside Tree Professionals is a locally owned and operated stump grinding company serving Doraville GA and much of North Atlanta.  We also can go to other cities in the Metro area depending on the size of the job.  We serve both residential and commercial clients.


Our stump grinding customers in Doraville GA may have decided to have their stumps removed for a number of reasons:

  • The client may desire to reclaim the yard space for more appealing landscaping
  • They may have had a tree removed recently and later decided the stump was too unattractive to endure
  • The client  may have grown weary of mowing around it or striking it with their mower
  • The stump may be in the way of a landscape project such as a fence, a garden, a pool or some other outdoor living space, etc..)
  • The client may be determine that the stump is a tripping hazard or too risky to leave on their property
  • The stump may have large surface roots that makes mowing or landscaping or problematic
  • It may be ugly and the client is annoyed of looking at it
  • A storm may have uprooted the stump
  • The stump may still have some life in it and continues to sprout
  • The client could be concern that the stump may become infested with insects
  • etc…
No Pressure, Free Quote! ... Honestly! No Pressure!

Insured Stump Grinding Doraville GA

Stump removal, as well as any tree service related work, requires a professional.  This type of tree work should only be done by a professional who has the right equipment and experiences.  When considering any type of tree related work on your property, you should always hire an insured professional. But don’t make the same error that others have made and assume all stump grinding companies are equal.  We focus on quality work and care for our client’s property.  A cheap experiences crew could end up costing you much more in the long run due to property damage, having to redo the job correctly or an injury to a worker.  If you need a stump removed for any reason, contact Northside Tree Professionals at (770) 394-0905.

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