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Tree Removal / Tree Cutter Duluth GAAlthough chopping down a tree in your Duluth GA yard with a chainsaw or ax may seem like a great idea, it’s usually not safe or even cost-effective (in both time and money). Tree removal performed by an inexperienced or untrained worker can result in personal injury or property damage. Additionally, if they do not have the proper equipment to deal with all the limbs, trunk, and stumps, it will be very costly! Northside Tree Professionals’ certified arborists can safely remove your tree for you instead of taking on such a risk.

When the cutter begins the process of removing a tree, he will take into account the tree’s weight distribution and rotting areas that could cause it to break unexpectedly. By gathering this information, the cutter will be able to determine what kind of notch to put into the tree and where to put it. If the tree can’t be dropped directly to the ground, a rope is used to lower sections of the tree to the ground once the cuts have been made. By making a series of cuts (the notch and back cut) on the tree, our tree cutters at Northside Tree Professionals can direct the falling tree. As a result, the tree is brought to the ground in the safest way possible.

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous aspects of arboriculture. In many cases, tree service companies are required to remove trees located in restricted areas near structures. Performing tree removal successfully requires substantial proficiency. It is never a good idea for property owners to hire untrained individuals to climb or cut down trees.  Call us today at (770) 394-0905 for a free quote, no pressure quote. We are your Metro Atlanta tree service and Metro Atlanta tree removal specialist.

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Tree Removal Services Duluth GA / Tree Cutters Duluth GA

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