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The climbing of a tree to be removed and then lowering it down in segments is the most prevalent method for removing trees in Smyrna GA.  Often a tree removal is needed when it is too close to a building, overhead lines or other obstructions.  With all tree removal procedures, the process begins with our team analyzing the tree and developing a strategy for its removal. A skilled tree climber, such as the team members we have here at Northside Tree Professionals, will break down the process of the tree’s removal in their heads before they ever begin to climb and start the task.

Our skilled climbers at Northside Tree Professionals will know how to cut the limbs and trunk pieces so that they will swing and fall in the intended direction. Our crew members on the ground are also essential to our operation. Those members are tasked to guide the roped limbs and branches, once they are cut free, to their planned destination on the ground.

The planning of where to set the rigging is the most critical component in preparing for a tree removal. Then, once we have cut away all the branches, the trunk is cut into determined lengths. If there is space on the property, the trunk sections will be dropped to the ground directly.  If not, they will lowered by ropes.  Once on the ground, the lengths of the trunk will either be moved to the road to be hauled away by our crews or cut into firewood lengths for home owner.

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