Hiring a Tree Professional
08 Dec

5 Things to Verify When Hiring a Tree Service

Don’t tackle the job yourself if you are inexperienced or ill-prepared.

Many homeowners take a knee-jerk reaction toward taking care of tree-related problem themselves. Storm damage can cause serious issues to your home and property. Have a tree service company access the situation in order to get a professional opinion of your tree work and the immediacy of the issue. Please, don’t just buy a chainsaw.

  • Get written quotes, not estimates. Estimates are just that, an estimate. Get a quote and then get it signed off for approval as a job or contract, spelling out the entire scope of work, removal of tree debris, protection of lawn and property, fences, driveways, patios and sidewalks. If it is tree trimming, will the climber be wearing spikes.
    The job may be costly, so remember that you are paying for a qualified tree removal service with very particular skillsets and equipment. Sometimes the job may not take a long time to complete but that is usually because the tree company has the right skilled employees and the right type of specialized equipment.
  • Get a few quotes and be cautious of out-of-state vendors. Once the job is complete and there are questions or issues, it is usually very difficult to get the out-of-state vendors to return.    
  • Get proof of insurance to include worker’s compensation and general liability. Make sure the insurance is adequate. Contact the insurance company to verify the insurance is current and in force.
  • Check references such as Google Reviews, NextDoor or recommendations from your neighbors. View the tree company’s website if they have one.
  • Do not pay until the job is completed.

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