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09 Mar

Can Your Tree Roots Withstand the Spring Storm Season?

Mother nature has a way of filtering out weaker trees. In the winter, vulnerable branches fall under the weight of ice or snow; in the spring and summer, susceptible trees fall over due to wind and rain. In addition, fungi, parasites and damage from people and animals can also take their toll on the health of your trees. Trees are tested each season, and trees with any liabilities might not make it through the season. Of course, the crux of any problem starts at the base, which is why Northside Tree Professionals is here to examine whether your tree roots will pass or fail this spring storm season.

Tree Roots – Get to the Root of the Problem

When tree roots are weakened in any way, the entire tree becomes liable to damage. That can be exceptionally concerning as we close the door on winter and welcome spring and summer: the year’s rainiest seasons. Knowing the signs of unhealthy roots can help you fix the problem before it becomes a disaster.

tree roots - on houseRain

As rain consistently falls this season, the ground will become softer than normal. Tree roots are not as secure when in soft ground, which means trees can fall easier in the wind when established in wet ground. A tree with compromised tree roots in waterlogged-mushy soil is vulnerable to falling in winds as little as 7 mph.

High Winds

As storms become more frequent, the chances for high winds and tornadoes increase. Georgia has already had a few tornadoes earlier this year. Trees can crack and become uprooted during such storms. High winds are exceptionally dangerous to trees that have unhealthy root systems due to their instability.

tree roots - fungi


Natural growth like fungus around a tree’s base can easily be deemed a non-issue but, such buildup should raise concerns. Trees that have fungus growing at the base or around the trunk can be a signal of a tree in poor health due to parasites, disease or damage. Trees with a fungi presence are more likely to give way during a storm.


Some property owners compact tree roots unintentionally through poor landscaping practices which weakens the root system. Weaker roots are more vulnerable to issues like nutrient deprivation and moisture stress due to surface root creation.

Seek Advice From an Arborist About Your Tree Roots

Judging the health of a tree is a complex task, you cannot count on your eyes to give you the full picture. This type of inspection should not be left up to a novice or an untrained tree service provider, you should always consult with a professional arborist. An arborist is trained and experienced to accurately assess and treat tree health issues. Getting your trees analyzed by a professional arborist is crucial to diagnose whether a tree and its root system are in optimal health. 

Give Northside Tree Professionals a Call About Your Tree Roots

If you’re unsure whether your tree roots can last through the spring, give Northside Tree Professionals a call. We provide superior quality tree services at a low cost to make the trees in your yard healthier, safer and more beautiful. At Northside Tree Professionals, we cut trees―not corners. By offering superior customer service and following all OSHA safety protocols, TNorthside Tree Professionals is Georgia’s most trusted tree service. Contact us today at 770-394-0905.

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