Proper Tree Placement Around Your House
15 Feb

Proper Tree Placement Around Your House

There are 3 zones for tree placement around your home and utility poles.

Low Zone: Trees that mature in height to less than 20’. These trees include: Dogwood, Flowering Plums, Hawthorn, Sumac, Redbud.

Medium Zone: Trees maturing in height to less than 40”. These trees include: Sassafras, Post Oak, Aspen, Eastern Red Cedar, Flowering Pear.

Tall Zone: Trees that mature in height to less than 100’. These trees include: White Oak, Red Oak, Tulip Tree, Walnut.

A healthy community forest begins with careful planning. With a little research and a simple layout, you can produce a landscape that will cool your home in summer and tame the winter winds. Your well-planned yard will contain trees that grow well in the soil and moisture of your neighborhood. Your trees will be properly placed to avoid collisions with power lines and buildings, and the aesthetics will increase your property value.

A proper landscape plan takes each tree into consideration:

  1. Tree Height. Does the tree have enough room to grow throughout its life? What will be the tree’s ultimate height? Regarding canopy spread, how wide will the tree grow?
  2. Tree Type. Is the tree deciduous (lose its leaves in winter), or an evergreen (stays green throughout the year)?
  3. Tree Shape. If the tree is columnar shape, which will require lees diameter space to grow. Round shaped canopies provide the most shade and have the widest root systems.
  4. Growth rate. How many years will it take for your tree to reach its fullest height? Slower growing trees generally live longer than fast growing trees.
  5. Soil, Sun, and Moisture Requirements: What isneeded to ensure the health of your tree.
  6. Fruit or Nut Tree. Will the tree produce nuts or fruit that will eventually drop?
  7. Hardiness Zone. What climate zone do you live in? This will indicate the temperature extremes that the tree can flourish in. Check with your forestry department or a local county cooperative extension agent for a list of trees suitable for planting in your specific hardiness zone.                                                                                                                     

If you have any questions about the health of the your trees, please call Northside Tree Professionals at 770-394-0905.

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