Professional Stump Grinding
19 Aug
Stump Grinding and Stump/Root Decay

We Make the Difficult Task of Removing Stumps Easy With Our Grinding Machines

Have you tripped once too often over a hidden stump and large roots in your yard? Or, perhaps the home you just purchased has a yard full of stumps from the preceding homeowner’s incomplete landscaping work. Northside Tree Professionals has stump grinder that will leave you nothing but mulch. Our smallest grinder only requires three feet to reach the stump; and we can grind stumps that are near fences, etc. 

Keep Up Your Property’s Value

Each time a tree is cut down on your property, there will be stump that also needs to be ground up – and it’s important that this is done soon after the tree is removed. Beyond it being a safety hazard, a stump is unsightly and can ruin the looks of your landscaping.  Plus, it is often a violation of local municipality codes.  In many cases, it can take four to five years for your tree’s root system to decay before you could do something new in your yard, such as plant another tree where the old tree was.  Don’t put it off: One phone call to Northside Tree Professional at (770) 394-0905 and you won’t have to see that old stump again.

Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money

Are you thinking of trying to remove a stump yourself? Consider all the time and possible expenses involved in renting and a bringing a stump grinder to your home.  But there is special safety gear needed to do a project like this correctly. It is likely that you are not too familiar with this type of equipment and will need to take even more time to learn how to use it.  Keep it simple: Hire us to come to your home and complete the job correctly.  In a short period of time, if you’d like, you will be able to plant a new tree where the old one was removed.  Of you can use that area in your yard for a flower garden, a grassy area or yard furniture.  Whatever you’d like, you yard will be ready after the tree stump is ground up.

If you have unsightly stumps in your yard that you need removed, please call Northside Tree Professionals at 770-394-0905.

Stump Grinding Benefits

A stump grinder is an efficient machine, able to grind all sizes and kinds of stumps efficiently and quickly Stump grinding is a superior method to removing a stump, as opposed to digging up and/or pulling out, because it can grind the stumps below ground up to a foot in depth. This means that a ground stump poses almost no deterrent for yard work in the future.  A stump grinder is an amazingly powerful tool that can effectively take out a stump of any size in just minutes.

The Cost Associated with Stump Grinding

Hiring us to grind your stumps is very time and cost-effective, especially when there are multiple stumps to remove, there is one very sizable stump, or if there is a need to grind a stump far below the surface of the ground. The number and size of stumps will mainly determine the cost of the grinding. But the topography of the land and the location in yard of the stump may also play a factor in the cost. Call us today at (770) 394-0905 for an estimate.

Not only does Northside Tree Professionals offer Stump Grinding, we offer a complete line of Tree Services. Contact us at 770-394-0905

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