10 Jul
Tree Pruning and Trimming

Know What Sort of Tree Trimming and Pruning is Right for Your Trees

As a rule of thumb, Northside Tree Professional recommends a tree checkup every couple years for freshly developed deadwood and new growth that may need pruning or trimming. Trees are less likely to incur breakage if kept maintained. Trees that are unmaintained will naturally get heavy at the end of branches and limbs and have a greater chance of breaking and possibly causing damage. Permanent damage to the tree can occur when heavy tree branches crack and break, preventing the tree from ever growing back correctly.

We do not remove any big size limbs without a reason. To do so can result in stressing the tree because every cut has to heal which requires extra energy from the tree. A stressed tree is more liable to attract rotting organisms and insects and wood than a healthy tree that is not stressed. Northside Tree Professional cares about the trees in North Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. When trimming or pruning trees, our workers climb ‘spikeless’ meaning we do not use climbing spikes. Climbing spikes put wounds in the tree that will have to heal and allow insects to penetrate past the bark.

If you have any concerns about the your trees’ pruning needs, please call Northside Tree Professionals at 770-394-0905.

Four Types of Tree Pruning and Trimming

When trimming or pruning a tree, it’s vital to start by evaluating which branches need to be removed from the ridge. The ridge line is called the crown and gives the tree its elegance and charm. To help prolong the life and health of a tree and prevent future tree damage, there are four main types of pruning and trimming.

1). Crown Lifting: This action comprises the removal of the lower branches that are in the tree’s crown. This is done for a number of reasons; one is to create a better look, two is to make space for overhanging limbs, and three is to aid the tree’s health by stabilizing the weight of the crown.

2). Crown Thinning:  This process is probably one the most important steps that can be done to aid in your tree’s longevity. This step is where, staring from the top of the crown and working down, thinner limbs and crowded branches are removed.

3). Crown Reduction:  This service works much like a haircut, where overgrowth is removed from all over the crown. The approach of crown reduction is simple, it involves removing the overgrown smaller branches as well as some of the bigger limbs.

4). Pollarding: This procedure is often a misused practice that is meant exclusively for young and healthy trees that are in still in their growth process. This technique is where all the limbs and branches are cut back to the knuckles. This process should not be done all at once but in intervals.

It is important to know that the tree service company hired to prune and trim your trees is an expert because trees are an asset to your property’s value and they help keep your Metro Atlanta home shaded during the warm summers here. As a professional tree trimming and tree service company, Northside Tree Professional’s team can prune and trim your trees in the North Metro Atlanta area for the best appearance while promoting your tree’s health. Our employees have the proper discipline and education and of how to prune and trim your trees without removing excessive live vegetation. We are professional tree trimmers for all of North Metro Atlanta. Please see the list of cities we serve at the bottom of this page.

Not only does Northside Tree Professionals offer Pruning and Trimming Services, we can help evaluate any tree on your property that is a concern for you. Contact us at 770-394-0905

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