Winter Tree Preparations
10 Sep
Winter Tree Preparations

Atlanta, GA. –In a few months, trees throughout Metro-Atlanta will be moving into winter dormancy.  As the winter season approaches, property owners should be preparing for the care   their trees will need ahead to time as well as during the winter months. These following steps can help your trees to survive the colder weather that will be approaching our city.  

Preparing Your Trees for the Winter Season and Beyond:

  • Young trees need care. Younger tree’s root systems are less established and, thus, these trees will require more attention.
  • Wrap the trunk. In northern Metro-Atlanta, thin barked trees like birch and maple may become susceptible to frost cracks because of harsh winter temperatures. To prevent bark damage on young trees, wrap the trunk up to the first branches using a commercial tree wrap.
  • Lots of Water: Before winter sets in, water your trees well.  This means to water the tree from it trunk to the width of its longest branches. The most ideal time for watering is when the temperature is at least 40 degrees or above.
  • Reclaim your leaves. Rather than of dumping all of your fall leaves, use them to insulate the base of your trees.
  • Mulch the base of your trees. If you don’t have enough leaves to create heavy mulching, apply 2 to 4 inches of woodchips instead.  Put the chips at the base of the tree but not up against the tree trunk.  Adding this mulch can help insulate your tree against extreme temperatures as well as improve water absorption. Often local tree companies, like Northside Tree Professionals can provide wood chips.
  • Prune trees while dormant. The optimal tome for tree pruning is late winter. Trees are typically pruned to remove dead limbs or to give the tree a better shape. Contact Northside Tree Professionals for all of your tree pruning needs.
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